Arkadelphia Orthodontics

The Doctor at Hall Orthodontics are experts in the field and they are here to guide you to your dream smile. Each Smile is unique, and at Hall Orthodontics we have a variety of treatments to meet all of our patient’s needs.

Arkadelphia Orthodontics

Arkadelphia Invisalign and Braces: the right treatment for your smile

Arkadelphia Invisalign

Instead of brackets and bands, the Hot Springs Invisalign system uses a series of clear, removable aligners to slowly but consistently move the teeth into alignment. This option is popular with both patients and orthodontists and is the top alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign gives wearers freedom while achieving a beautiful smile.

Arkadelphia Braces

Traditional braces are one of the most efficient and effective orthodontic tools in use. First, we attach the metal or ceramic brackets to your teeth. Then we connect the brackets with wires and tiny rubber bands or elastics. Through regular adjustments with, these parts work together to apply gentle pressure, gradually moving the teeth where we want them to go.Hot Springs braces are a superb choice for fixing many tooth issues, both simple and complex. Traditional braces are often a cost effective and successful option for people of all ages.


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