How A Straight Smile Can Help You Get Hired

In today’s competitive job market, you need every advantage you can get to stand out from any other candidates. Obviously, a great resume and relevant experience are essential, but your appearance is important, too. You may have the right suit and the right shoes, but did you know that your smile can also play a large role in your success? Studies have shown that your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and the feature they’re most likely to remember later on. If you’re self-conscious about the way your teeth look or feel, you could be missing out on the social, professional, and health benefits of a beautiful smile! 

The good news is, there’s never been a better time to achieve the kind of smile that leaves a lasting impression and Hall & Koppel Hot Springs Orthodontists are here to help you do just that. We have a wide range of affordable treatment options to straighten your teeth, improve your oral health, and give you just the edge you’re looking for to get ahead in your career. But why are healthy smiles so important, anyway? If you have the qualifications and skill set to get ahead, why does it matter what your smile looks like? These are very valid questions and ones we will answer below! Keep reading to learn more about the surprising power of a smile and how you can take advantage of that. 

Increase your self-confidence 

Confidence is one of the most important qualities to display when you’re looking to make an impression on a current or potential employer. When you have the necessary knowledge but aren’t able to share it confidently, it may be incorrectly interpreted as a lack of preparation or skills on your part. People who are self-conscious about their smile often hide their teeth when smiling or talking, sometimes subconsciously. Unfortunately, that kind of insecurity over any dental imperfections can cost you the promotion or job you’re after if it makes employers feel you’re lacking in self-assurance or enthusiasm. 

First impressions matter

In a Kenton Research survey, 31% of respondents said the first thing they noticed about a person’s face was their teeth. Another 26% reported that an attractive smile was the feature that stuck with them the longest after meeting someone new. It’s clear that first impressions are important when it comes to your smile, but it doesn’t stop there. Leaving a lasting impression is important, too! Studies have shown that most of our first impressions are made within three seconds of meeting someone for the first time, so we don’t have a lot of time to impress. Flashing a confident, healthy smile on the spot gives off good vibes and makes you more memorable in the long run. 

The numbers tell the story

There are a lot of statistics floating around out there that tell the story of how much smiles matter when it comes to our social, personal, and work lives. Using the Kenton survey from above, we know that almost 50% of those who responded said they believed someone with straight teeth was more likely to land a job over an equally qualified candidate with a less than perfect smile. 58% felt a healthy smile made a person seem more competent and successful. About 74% of respondents felt that they would be more likely to trust someone with an attractive smile. Teeth are obviously a very important part of our physical appearance! A beautiful smile can set you apart from coworkers or other candidates, giving you a leg up on the competition. 

How to correct your teeth for a stunning smile

Many professionals worry that straightening their smile means spending years in bulky metal braces, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Orthodontics has come a long way over the last several years and it’s easier than ever to achieve a confident smile you want to share with everyone around you. Dr. Hall and Dr. Koppel are proud to offer the following treatment options to patients of all ages in the Hot Springs community.

Metal braces

Metal braces are composed of a mix of high-quality metals, so they’re very durable and long-lasting. Today’s braces are much lighter, more efficient, and more comfortable than they used to be. They’re also customizable! Patients can choose from a variety of fun colored elastics to add a pop of personality to their orthodontic journey. 

Metal braces produce excellent results, and can be particularly useful in cases that are severe or complex. Since they don’t require some of the more complex technology or expensive equipment that newer treatments do, metal braces tend to be a slightly more affordable option. There’s a reason they remain the top orthodontic treatment, year after year! 


Clear braces

Clear braces function in much the same way metal braces do, but come with the added benefit of semi-translucent or tooth-colored ceramic brackets. The brackets are about the same size and shape as metal braces, but better able to blend in with a patient’s natural smile. This offers a more subtle straightening option for patients, especially when paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties.

Clear braces are tough, but the material they’re made from can be prone to chipping or cracking. Since metal braces can tolerate more pressure than ceramic ones, they may be a better option for those who require extensive corrections to be made. Clear brackets are often slightly more costly than metal brackets, as well. Since they can be more expensive and are more prone to breakage, we generally only recommend clear braces to our older teen and adult patients.  


Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligner therapy

Invisalign is our most popular alternative to traditional braces and consists of a series of clear aligners that move the teeth without brackets or wires. Because they are a removable orthodontic appliance, patients are responsible for wearing the aligners 20-22 hours every day throughout the treatment process. Each aligner also needs to switched  for the next in the series every 1-2 weeks in order to keep up with the movement of the teeth.

These clear, removable aligners do offer patients a little more freedom and flexibility than traditional braces. They’re designed to be taken out when eating or drinking, so there are no food restrictions, and it’s also easier to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Patients simply remove the aligner, then brush and floss as they normally would! In many mild to moderate cases of the most common orthodontic issues, Invisalign can be just as effective as braces. 

Set your smile up for success with expert care from Hall & Koppel Hot Springs Orthodontics

There are so many social, personal, and professional benefits to straightening your smile braces or aligners. As if that wasn’t enough, orthodontics goes beyond cosmetic appeal and can improve your oral and total body health, too! If you’d like to learn more about how you can achieve a successful smile with our talented team, get in touch today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Hall or Dr. Koppel.